Tale’s Of OS Intermingling: The Early Days

aldusIn the world of reverse alliances everything seems strange. What could be more bizarre than the recent announcement that Claris, a $100 million company created by Apple to develop Macintosh software, has purchased Hollywood, a highly rated Windows presentation-graphics program …

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RMON Did The Job… Sort Of

A growing number of networking heavyweights are throwing their weight behind a new specification that promises to make it easier for LAN managers to monitor remote networks.

Over the past three months, 10 companies — including Novell Inc., Hewlett-Packard Co., …

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Need Help With Starting A Blog? Worry No More!

nhwsabWhen starting a blog, it is important to decide first what category or field you want your blog site to be about. Let us say for example, you want your site to be all about the latest gadgets and technologies. …

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Snoring: Hereditary Or Not?

smeThere is no known evidence that snoring is hereditary; a number of people start snoring as they get older. Gaining extra weight could also cause snoring; regular exercises are important to keep neck muscles toned to prevent snoring. Colds, flu …

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Cross-Docking Takes Some Getting Used To


Warehouse-management systems make cross docking possible. But in most cases, these packages require customization to do the job.

Cross-docking has become the rage in retailing and other industries as companies seek to convert their warehouses from storage facilities to flow-through …

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Lessons Learned

dgWhat do you believe are some of the key lessons to be learned from the airplane crash in the Everglades in May 1996?

After evaluating a host of documents and interviews, I believe there are two important lessons that shippers …

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Off The Record Negotiating Proves Valuable

otrContrary to what some bargainers think, private talks are a necessary part of negotiation. Off-the-record talks often are the rule, not the exception. They bridge the gap between what is wanted and what is possible. Not everything that must be …

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Killing It With Outsourcing

koA study of how businesses are using third-party logistics services and whether they are satisfied with them indicates that outsourcing continues to gain ground, albeit slowly, and that most users are satisfied with the service they are receiving.

The study, …

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Highway Bills Change The Game


Bud Shuster, chairman of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, has talked for years about taking the Highway Trust Fund off-budget and increasing spending on the nation’s highways by billions of dollars. Late last month, though, the Republican from Pennsylvania …

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